External cd drive for macbook pro retina

Compact and convenient, the apple usb superdrive connects to your macbook pro with retina display, macbook air, or mac mini with a single usb cable and. Includes diy install videos to make upgrading easy. I am about to purchase a macbook pro and am wondering about creating cd s and dvds. Why doesnt apple sell a macbook pro with a cd drive. Patazon cd dvdrw burner writer external hard drive cd dvd drive with usb2. Macbook pro 16 display with touch bar intel core i7 16gb memory amd radeon pro 5300m 512gb ssd latest model space gray. Macbook pro 2016 extremely slow to rip apple community. Lacie 1tb rugged ssd pro external drive with thunderbolt 3. The apple usb superdrive is compatible with mac models from 2008 and later that dont have a builtin optical drive. Apple, powerbook, airport, firewire, quicktime, itunes and mac os are. I dont use it so much but there are times i need it. I understand youre unable to eject a cd from an external drive connected to your macbook pro. Does the macbook air external cd drive wo apple community. Is this all i need to be able to create and burn a dvd or a cd as i will have to do this as part of my job.

I had allocated a significant amount of the ssd to bootcamp so i could run windows. Lacie 1tb rugged ssd pro external drive with thunderbolt 3 next gallery image. The macbook pro retina 20 is a perfect example of a computer that works with the apple super drive. Ssds solidstate drives designed for the macbook pro. Upgrade your 2012 20 macbook pro retina display with an ssd for a total system performance and capacity boost. If you want to use a dvd drive with a macbook pro with retina display, you have to get an external optical drive or. The drive is a great choice for those looking for a external cd dvd player writer, it works on both macpc platforms, its a great alternative for the super drive which cost more. We buy and sell used macs, apple computers and refurbished macs. Buy aprime usbc to microb external portable cd dvd bluray rw superdrive for macbook 12 retina, macbook pro 15 with touch bar and new imac pro 2017, silver at. Upgrade the ssd of any macbook pro 202015 for up to 16x the capacity of the original factory drive.

Buy ynx usbc typec external cd dvd bluray player burner writer drive for macbook 12 retina, macbook pro 15 with t at. There are several reasons that contribute the demise of the cd drive in all of apples current lineup of computers, none of which have an optical drive. With the apple usb superdrive md564lla you will be able to watch movies on dvd, install software, create backup copies, and perform many other tasks. Its not much larger than the size of a cd case, so it fits snug in your computer bag without taking up a lot of room. Metallic external cd dvd rw superdrive for macbook 12inch retina macbook pro wtouch bar 2017 and later new imac pro and. Theres no separate power adapter, and it works whether your mac is plugged in or running on battery power. I never been big on mac products but after messing around with my sisters ipad and non retina macbook i got the itch to buy one, it just sounds stupid to have such a high priced laptop and to not even have a cd dvd drive like one of the poster replied that cd dvds will eventually fade out but at the moment they are still here and doing well so why not. I am not altogether comfortable yet with this change, but it seems to be the way both apple and microsoft are heading.

This mac external cd drive is designed for the owners of macbook pro with retina display, macbook air, imac starting from 2012, mac mini starting from 2009, mac pro starting from 20. How to connect the apple usb superdrive apple support. Several months after purchasing my macbook pro early 2015 with 128gb, i found myself needing more storage. Owc ssd kits for macbook pro retina display 2012 20.

Macbook, macbook air with retina display, and macbook pro models with thunderbolt 3 usbc ports require a usbc to usb adapter sold separately to use apple usb superdrive. Youll never have to worry about lost cables with the apple usb superdrive. Ive just got the retina macbook pro base model and im looking for an external hard drive. For one, its practically the same as apples superdrive in every way, and second, its got a usbc cable so i can connect it to my macbook pro. They still sell the 2012 macbook pro but thats not a current machine. Koop een usb superdrive externe cdspeler van apple apple nl. If you already have the drive, try the workaround offered by mende and see if that cures the ill. Product description create customized dvds with this apple superdrive 8x external dvdrw cdrw drive that features support for doublelayer media, so you can easily back up your important files. Gtechnology 10tb g drive usbc desktop external hard drive. You are covered by the ebay money back guarantee if you receive an item that is. Now, i also have a 2011 model macbook non retina with built in drive. This odd is especially designed to play cd dvd and burn cd only cd supported on macbook, macbook pro, macbook air, other ultrabook, pc, laptop via usb. I dont want to buy apples superdrive, because its too expensive.

For use with your macbook pro with retina display, macbook air or mac mini. After deciding to go with the retina display, i wasnt happy to have to buy a cddvd drive i have to burn. Connect and use your superdrive to use your superdrive, connect it to a usba port on your mac, then insert a disc. If i use the drive in this or connect one of my external drives to it, it works like a dream and rips the cd, full speed in minutes. Shop for optical drives for macbook pro at best buy. Id like to ask for suggestion for the best external hard drive to reliably connect to rmbp via wireless network. The drive is a great choice for those looking for a external cddvd player writer. Internal ssd is recognized as external hard drive i have installed a new internal ssd in my macbook pro and now it. Shop apple superdrive 8x external usb doublelayer dvdrwcdrw drive silver at best buy. Steve and his successors imposed that absolutely silly restriction regarding the air retina external optical drive on the rest of the product line. Sporting such features as sleek, compact usb superdrive, everything you need in. Ynx usbc typec external cd dvd bluray player burner. External dvd drive with power supply cable, roofull portable usb 3.

The design of this drive is compact as it is slightly bigger than a cd case. Gtechnology 6tb g drive with thunderbolt 3 hard drive previous gallery image. Apple superdrive external dvd drive silver md564lla hard. The external optical drive for mac has superfast speed to read and write disc, ranging from 5x for dvdram to 24x for cd rw. Retina 3072 x 1920 retina 2880 x 1800 retina 2880 x 1800 retina. Dvd optical drive macbook pro inch problem duration. Macbook pro with retina display, macbook air, imac late 2012 and later, mac. With simplicity, this external drive has stateoftheart technology.

No cddvd drive in new mac book pro retin apple community. Id be happy to provide information that may help you out. I cannot eject a cd from my macbook pro external cd drive more less. Gtechnology 1tb g drive mobile ssd rseries storage,gtechnology 1tb g drive mobile usbc portable hard drive. Usb external slot cd rw drive burner superdrive fits for apple macbook pro air. Kit includes all tools needed for diy installation.

You can connect this superdrive with your macbook pro with retina display, macbook air, imac, or mac mini with a single usb type a cable, which is built into this superdrive. Does the macbook air external cd drive work with macbook pro. Upgrade your macbook pro to an ssd for up to 6x the capacity and 106x the speed of the original drive. Kindly note that the products chosen below are mainly based on our personal preferences and the guidelines as shown above. The march 2015 update of apples macbook pro retina display, model a1502, features fifthgeneration intel core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the force touch trackpad. I cannot eject a cd from my macbook pro e apple community. I know that i need an external superdrive with the retina display. Apple superdrive 8x external usb doublelayer dvdrwcdrw. It connects to your macbook pro with retina display, macbook air, imac, or mac mini with a single usb typea cable thats built into the superdrive.

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